iPad 5: release date, specs, price, news and rumours


Apple’s iPad is currently on its fourth iteration and we’ve collected the latest news, rumours and speculation on what to expect for iPad five

With Apple having launched the iPad 4 alongside the iPad mini back in November – only eight months after introducing the new iPad to the world, it’s clear that the company is now looking to take on Samsung and Google in the budget market as well as the premium arena.

Naturally with technology moving at such a quick pace it’s unsurprising that talk has already turned to the new specs, features and of course the design of Apple’s upcoming iPad 5. The company has announced an official event will be taking place in San Francisco on October 22, and many believe this is when we’ll see Apple’s new slate.

With most of the Apple rumour mill focused on the arrival of an iPhone 6 and the newly-named iPhone 5C, rumours surrounding the iPad 5 have remained few and far between, but it hasn’t been all bad with a few rumours slipping through the net.

iPad 5 release date

With the likes of the Google Nexus 10 both nailing the specs sheet and offering a tablet that’s as light as it is powerful, Apple may be looking to reinvent the iPad as something that is as premium as it is portable without sacrificing the build-quality with the iPad 5.

Current rumours point to a mid-2013 release date – AppleInsider reports that Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities, wrote to insiders to suggest Apple felt the pressure of launching a new 9.7-inch iPad 5 to retain its lead in the tablet market.

“Though the iPad mini is expected to be successful, we think launching a lighter, thinner 9.7-inch iPad as quickly as possible matters more for Apple strategically,” Kuo wrote.

What this means is that we could see a lighter iPad 5 before we see an iPad Mini with Retina Display as Apple will be looking to regain as much of the larger tablet market share as possible from Google and Microsoft.

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iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s promotional videos published, officially this time and in HD

Apple’s iconic promotional videos are almost as iconic as some of the products themselves. Sometimes more so. Following yesterday’s announcements Apple published the three promotional videos for its new products. The iPhone 5c got by far the longest video, with 4 and a half minutes talking up the manufacturing process behind the “unapologetically plastic” rear shell and how iOS 7 fits it perfectly.

On to the iPhone 5s and instead of showing off the device as a whole, Cupertino’s marketing department opted for two videos highlighting the two biggest improvements over the iPhone 5: Touch ID and the new iSight camera.

Touch ID is perhaps the 5s’ biggest talking point. Although it may not be the first device to feature a fingerprint scanner, it’s almost certainly the best implementation of it we’ve ever seen. It’s highly accurate, and adds much needed security to your device and your Apple ID account.

All in all, and as usual, Apple’s perfectly show off exactly why you should love the new devices and how easy they are to use.

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Video shows iPhone 5S “champagne” and iPhone 5C casings compared to iPhone 5 [Video]

AppAdvice has gotten its hands on a video comparing the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5. It features the champagne colored iPhone 5S, blue iPhone 5C, and both the black and white iPhone 5 being compared together at multiple different angles. The best part about this video is that it is great quality instead of the usual blurry, hard to see videos that usually come out. There isn’t a way to tell if they are real, but they look a lot like other rumors that have been coming out. In the video, we again see where it looks like Apple could be moving to a dual LED flash set up for the camera, but other than that and the color it looks almost identical to the iPhone 5. Hopefully we will find out soon whether or not these devices are real, as an event is rumored to be going down on September 10th.

I am not very interested in either the champagne color or the iPhone 5C in general, but definitely think they each serve their purpose in the market; the champagne 5S being for style and the 5C being for the budget users and emerging markets. However I am very interested in seeing if the 5S gets the heavily rumored fingerprint scanner, as having that type of security would be a great addition to the iPhone. Only time will tell what features we will see, however. Check out the video above.


Apple to offer ‘iPhone 5S’ in new gold color and 128GB storage option, insider says

iPhone5S.AppleInsiderKuo points out in his note investors that the so-called “iPhone 5S,” will carry over many of the features already established with the current iPhone 5, including the 4-inch screen form factor.

The analyst predicts Apple will make the usual processor buff, this time to a new A7 system-on-chip design with 1GB of LPDDR3 RAM. The latest chip is expected to be of Apple’s own design based on the ARMv8 architecture, suggesting efficiency may be increased by up to 20 percent. Because Apple controls both the operating system and hardware for the iPhone 5S, it can optimize the faster LPDDR3 RAM spec for the A7 SoC, keeping the amount of addressable memory to 1GB.

The phone’s rear-facing camera will also be tweaked. While the sensor unit will remain untouched, the iPhone 5S shooter will use a larger f2.0 aperture lens assembly with dual LED flashes.

As for the widely rumored fingerprint sensor, Kuo reiterated the view he expressed in a separate note last week, saying the package will likely be embedded in a sapphire glass home button.

For storage, Kuo expects Apple to add on a new option for a capacious 128GB of on-board flash memory, the same change the company made to the fourth generation iPad in February.

Finally, a new option for a gold casing is expected to be offered alongside the traditional black and, with the iPhone 5, silver colors. Gold parts purportedly bound for the 5S were leaked in June, though an accompanying chassis sporting the new color has yet to surface.

Contrary to some predictions, Kuo doesn’t see Apple implementing near-field communication (NFC) in the iPhone 5S.

Apple is rumored to be prepping for a Sept. 10 iPhone announcement, at which the company is expected to launch the iPhone 5S and possibly a less expensive handset dubbed the “iPhone 5C.”


iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: 7 Things Buyers Need to Know

While smartphone shoppers have been inundated with iPhone 5S rumors, many shoppers are likely still looking at two of Apple’s current iPhones including the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. Both devices remain solid choices though there are some things that potential buyers need to know about the battle between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S before settling on one.

In October of 2011, Apple delivered its iPhone 4S, a model that kept the same design as the previous iPhone, the iPhone 4, but delivered several enhancements including Siri.

The device, while old, remains a stalwart in Apple’s iPhone lineup, and has become particularly attractive after Apple’s price drop which saw the device move from $199.99 to $99.99 after the arrival of the iPhone 5 last September.

Apple’s iPhone 5 replaced the iPhone 4S as the company’s flagship smartphone while bringing a larger 4-inch display, a new design that incorporated aluminum, and 4G LTE data speeds. The iPhone 5 remains Apple’s current generation smartphone and to this day, it remains one of the best smartphone options on the market, across all carriers.

The Apple rumor mill has been hard at work suggesting that a new iPhone is on the way. The device is thought to be another ‘S’ iPhone model, the iPhone 5S to be exact. Rumors suggest that the company will be using it to replace the iPhone 5 though that doesn’t mean that the iPhone 5, or the iPhone 4S, will go away.

In fact, both devices should remain extremely attractive to buyers once the 2013 iPhone arrives on shelves. Of course, with a new iPhone in the mix and a new piece of software in iOS 7 on the way, there are some things that consumers must consider before deciding on the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S as their next smartphone.

Here, we take a look at seven of the most important things buyers need to know before picking one of them up.

iPhone 5S Release is Coming

The first thing that potential iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S buyers need to know is that a brand new iPhone is coming to shelves in the near future. The device, said to be the iPhone 5S, is expected to feature the same design as the iPhone 5 but contain a number of upgrades including an improved processor and a better camera.

It’s also thought to have a fingerprint reader on board and should come with unique software that sets it apart from the iPhone 5. That unique software is, as of yet, unknown, though there is suspicion that it could have something to do with the fingerprint reader and or the camera with slow-motion and 120 fps video being mentioned as possibilities.

With the iPhone 5S rumored for a late September release, prospective iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S buyers would be wise to wait a few weeks, just to see what Apple has up its sleeve. If not for the improved hardware and software, but for the price cuts on both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 Price Drop

Buyers dead set on the iPhone 5 would be smart to wait a few weeks for the arrival of the iPhone 5S.

For one, the iPhone 5S is said to keep the same design, display size, LTE data speeds that the iPhone 5 has though it should come with improved performance and unique features. For those that don’t need that extra oomph, there is another reason to wait for the iPhone 5S, an iPhone 5 price drop through Apple.

Apple typically drops the price of its older generation by $100 on-contract when the new iPhone arrives. That should translate into a $99 price tag for the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 will remain a solid option, even with the arrival of the iPhone 5S, and it will be even more attractive with a price tag that is $100 less than the iPhone 5S’.

Buyers should also expect retailers to host some significant deals on the iPhone 5 as they look to entice buyers uninterested in Apple’s new 2013 iPhone model.

iPhone 4S Price Drop

Those who might be leaning toward the iPhone 4S would be wise to do the same. Apple typically keeps an arsenal of three iPhone models on tap and we should see the iPhone 4S move from its current $99 price point down to the low price of free, a price point currently occupied by the iPhone 4.

That means that buyers will simply need to sign up for a new two-year contract to get the old, but still capable iPhone 4S. Of course, it won’t come with the bells and whistles of either the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, but it still has a Retina Display, good camera, solid battery life and a design that is durable, especially when inside a case.

iOS 7 Coming to Both, Sort of

Prospective iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S buyers should know that the new iOS 7 is coming to both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, meaning, both devices will get Apple’s new operating system. However, the iOS updates will not be created equal.

While the iPhone 5 will be the beneficiary of all of the currently known iOS 7 features including AirDrop and Filters in Camera, the iPhone 4S will not be receiving the full update.

iPhone 4S owners unfortunately won’t get iOS 7′s AirDrop or the ability to view photo filters within the Camera application. That means that users won’t be able to get a preview of a filter before the photo is taken. All the rest of iOS 7, at this point, seems like it will be intact.

Obviously, those may not be deal breakers for some shoppers but it’s an indication that the iPhone 4S will continually see less iOS features than the newer iPhone 5.


Speaking on that, the iPhone 5 will, guaranteed, have more longevity than the iPhone 4S. Apple typically keeps its iPhones updated with new software for three years and since the iPhone 4S came out in 2011, iOS 7 will be its second major iOS update. That likely means that next year’s iOS 8 will be its last update.

The iPhone 5 on the other hand should have a longer lifespan thanks to it coming out in 2012. It should see iOS 7, iOS 8 and one more version of iOS, likely dubbed iOS 9.

This is something to consider, especially for those that are looking to sign up with a new contract may want to think about the fact that the iPhone 4S is nearing the end of its life.


The iPhone 5 not only brought LTE, a larger screen and a new design to the table, but it also brought the new Lightning dock connection standard. The iPhone 4S on the other hand uses the old 30-pin dock standard.

This is important because it means that the iPhone 5 is future-proof when it comes to accessories, meaning, it will more than likely work with most, if not all Apple iPhone accessories for years to come.

The iPhone 4S owners unfortunately may not see newer accessories become available, thanks to the older standard, and will instead have to rely on the support of aging docks.

There still should be a nice collection of 30-pin accessories on the market but there is always the chance that a new, impressive accessory may not be compatible with the iPhone 4S.


Finally, buyers must know that the iPhone 4S doesn’t support 4G LTE. Instead, the device relies on HSDPA and HSPA+ speeds along with 3G. For many users this won’t be a big deal, well, that is until they try 4G LTE with the iPhone 5.

Carriers like AT&T and Verizon offer LTE in hundreds of markets and it has quickly become the standard for just about every new smartphone. And for good reason. LTE can be described as having a Wi-Fi connection on-the-go. It’s much faster than anything the iPhone 4S can pull down and while it can be a battery hog, Apple has made sure that the iPhone 5 has good battery life.

It’s a trade-off that consumers need to take a look at as LTE is the future of mobile service and the iPhone 4S unfortunately will never officially have access to those speeds.


Apple iPhone Lite Leaked Images

There have been a lot of speculations made for the next iPhone 5 that is set to be launched soon. This time, it has been said that two variants of Apple iPhone will be launched; the regular and the low-priced version, named Apple iPhone Lite. Numerous of the rumors have also focused on the quality of the iPhone Lite and how it would exactly be the same as a standard iPhone but just with somewhat cheaper parts.

We have seen Apple iPhone Lite leaked image every now and then, claiming to be the next gen iPhone. Add to it the latest entry too: a pair of photos have been revealed claiming to be Apple iPhone Lite. Both these photographs are being dubbed as the low-cost variant of iPhone in the color white.

One of these pictures looks exactly like a traditional Apple iPhone, however, the second one presents quite a different case. This model, claiming to be the white Apple iPhone Lite, shows a completely new design with no home button and very thin bezel. We wouldn’t think if Apple would like to make such bold design changes for a low-cost phone?

The Apple iPhone Lite is expected to be launched in markets later this year competing with low cost Android models and some base models of Nokia Lumia too.

If interested in more rumors and updates of the latest Apple iPhone 5s, check this post: iPhone 5S Specifications – the Latest Rumors of the New iPhone Lite. While at it, do not forget to check out compilation of some iPhone apps that are going to change your life (well, let’s not take this claim very seriously): Some of the Best iPhone Apps to Change Your Lives!


Low-cost iPhone visuals leaked, this is how it will look

The new low-cost iPhone will not be radically different from the existing one, the difference however will be more on the hardware, features and apps. According to the leaked low-cost iPhone visuals, it will have a single LED flash and a dedicated microphone.

Apple Inc is exploring launching iPhones with bigger screens, as well as cheaper models in a range of colours, over the next year, said four people with knowledge of the matter, as it takes a cue from rival Samsung Electronics.

The moves, which are still under discussion, underscore how the California-based firm that once ruled the smartphone market is increasingly under threat from its aggressive South Korean competitor.

Samsung has overtaken Apple in market share through the popularity of its bigger-screen Galaxy “phablets” and by flooding the market with a range of products at different prices.

Apple is looking at introducing at least two bigger iPhones next year – one with a 4.7-inch screen and one with a 5.7-inch screen – said the sources, including those in the supply chain in Asia.

They said suppliers have been approached with plans for the larger screens, but noted it is still unclear whether Apple will actually launch its flagship product in the larger sizes.

“They constantly change product specifications almost to the final moment, so you’re not really sure whether this is the final prototype,” said one person with direct knowledge of the matter.