iPad 5: release date, specs, price, news and rumours


Apple’s iPad is currently on its fourth iteration and we’ve collected the latest news, rumours and speculation on what to expect for iPad five

With Apple having launched the iPad 4 alongside the iPad mini back in November – only eight months after introducing the new iPad to the world, it’s clear that the company is now looking to take on Samsung and Google in the budget market as well as the premium arena.

Naturally with technology moving at such a quick pace it’s unsurprising that talk has already turned to the new specs, features and of course the design of Apple’s upcoming iPad 5. The company has announced an official event will be taking place in San Francisco on October 22, and many believe this is when we’ll see Apple’s new slate.

With most of the Apple rumour mill focused on the arrival of an iPhone 6 and the newly-named iPhone 5C, rumours surrounding the iPad 5 have remained few and far between, but it hasn’t been all bad with a few rumours slipping through the net.

iPad 5 release date

With the likes of the Google Nexus 10 both nailing the specs sheet and offering a tablet that’s as light as it is powerful, Apple may be looking to reinvent the iPad as something that is as premium as it is portable without sacrificing the build-quality with the iPad 5.

Current rumours point to a mid-2013 release date – AppleInsider reports that Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities, wrote to insiders to suggest Apple felt the pressure of launching a new 9.7-inch iPad 5 to retain its lead in the tablet market.

“Though the iPad mini is expected to be successful, we think launching a lighter, thinner 9.7-inch iPad as quickly as possible matters more for Apple strategically,” Kuo wrote.

What this means is that we could see a lighter iPad 5 before we see an iPad Mini with Retina Display as Apple will be looking to regain as much of the larger tablet market share as possible from Google and Microsoft.

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The New Apple IOS 7 Release Date, New Features And Interface (VIDEO)

As a new iPhone 5 user, I am not a bit deceived by the functionality and the overall concept of my new phone. I traded my Blackberry Torch for an iPhone 5 and I am not sorry a bit that I switched. It is everything I wanted and much more.

So when I first heard the news that Apple was launching the all-new iOS 7, I was very curious and went straight to YouTube to watch the video showing the new interface. I was completely amazed. It was pretty great before, but now it is absolutely AWESOME !

The main screen has been enhanced with new colors and the icons have been completely redesigned. They are simple but appealing to the eye with a clean, crisp look.

As Apple CEO Tim Cook said at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2013 (WWDC) in San Francisco: “It is the most significant iOS update since the original iPhone”. And I believe he is totally right.

The new Control Center, with its translucent screen, allows you to make simple changes like music, brightness or even have flashlight, by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Another big change is that your apps will automatically update via the app store. No more manual updates to do.

The video below explains it very well and will, for sure, make you want to upgrade your iOS 6 to the iOS 7, but you’ll have to wait a while.

As a matter of fact, Apple announced that its latest mobile operating system will be available around fall 2013. No specific date was set to this day.

In the meantime, check out the video which only will make the wait even more unbearable. But I am sure that the wait will be worthwhile.


Facebook bug releases contact info of 6M users; shows how dangerous the Internet really is

A Facebook bug that exposed the contact info of over 6 million users was discovered this week after the bug had reportedly been in existence for over a year. Facebook spoke on the existence of the bug and apologized to the general public for the leak of any personal information.

The bug is linked to the friend discovery process in Facebook that allows users to upload their contacts and address books to locate their friends who are also using the social network. However, the bug linked the information of the user who uploaded their contact info and the information of the friend who was invited to join Facebook, and made it available via the Download Your Information tool. This raises concerns that one of the largest social networks in the world is not secure enough to process and store all of the information users put in each day. Most of this is personal information such as phone numbers, dates, and addresses as well as photos, status updates, and locations via Facebook’s Check-In feature.

We are living in a time when any information that is put online is readily available to anyone who has access to a search engine and anyone who is willing to shell out a few bucks for some of your basic personal information, including your address, age and phone number. Over the last several weeks, there has been a national debate over the NSA—to help in the fight against terrorism—gaining access to phone calls and emails of numerous Verizon customers in the U.S.. Most of this information was provided by telecommunications companies that are protected from prosecution by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) which was enacted in 1978. It really feels like everyone is out to get you, doesn’t it? In fact, these types of information releases, such as with the Facebook bug and the data that is being collected by the NSA, really shows how dangerous the Internet can be.

Something you emailed or messaged on the web six months ago could potentially be stored in a government server or, worse, mistakenly released by Facebook. We are living in a hypersensitive world, and this is proven everyday when more news about the NSA comes out, when the AP Twitter account is hacked to say the White House was attacked, or when another teenager gets arrested because a video of a fight he was involved in gets posted on YouTube. It seems everything we do is recorded in some way, whether that be something we chose to post on FourSquare, Instagram and Facebook, or something that was leaked by a bug on one of these sites.

The Facebook bug, coupled with the already existing privacy concerns with the iPhone, makes me question the security of my information. I suppose the best way to protect against information leaks is to not put it up in the first place, but as scary as the Internet can be, we still need it everyday to live our lives. Without the internet, a line of communication between employers, family, and friends can easily be cut off. There just has to be a safer way of navigating the Internet, because it is unregulated, for the most part. As a result, there are so many different information traps and surveillance tactics in place to catch unsuspecting users.

The concern over the regulation of the Internet and the security of information has always existed, but it has been brought to light by Facebook’s release of contact information. Though Facebook’s apology will win back many Americans, there is no doubt it is still a social network that is operating within the vast cloud we call the Internet. This alone, shows how scary it can be when our personal information is posted on networking sites, or is being sent via email.


Apple CEO Tim Cook Hints That New iPhone, iPad Won’t Arrive until Fall

Today alongside the large announcements revolving around Apple’s Q2 2013 earnings, Tim Cook spoke briefly about what Apple has in the pipeline. In doing so, he seemingly killed off rumors that there might be new devices this summer.

His quote that says it all is: “Our teams are working on new hardware, software, and services that we can’t wait to introduce this Fall and throughout 2014.” Tim Cook does say that some of what’s currently unannounced will arrive “throughout 2014″ but that’s most likely software. Apple’s WWDC is always in June and in recent years it’s been used to talk about features in iOS and OS X — in other words, software. At WWDC 2013, Apple is expected to talk about iOS 7 and OS X 10.9.

There have been some rumors that Apple could introduce an iPhone 5S, a fifth-generation iPad, or a second-generation iPad mini at WWDC this summer, which would break the usual one-year product refresh cycle. However, Tim Cook’s comments specifically mentioning fall product introductions are likely referring to the new iPhone and iPad. The iWatch is something else we’re waiting for as well, but some speculate that might not be a reality until 2014. Cook did mention new product categories during the conference call, so it’s possible the iWatch is what he was referring to.