iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors: 4.8 Inch Screen Could Provide Competition To Samsung Galaxy, Nexus 5 Devices [PHOTOS]

iPhone 6 release date rumors and news has littered the Internet, with Apple’s latest announcement having come and gone. The latest comes from BGR, hinting at the arrival of a 4.8-inch version of the iPhone. With the iPhone 6 release date coming in about a year, Apple has more than enough time to think up of new features and specs to include in the next iteration of its mobile phone. In addition, the iPhone 6 will likely bring with it a new design — setting itself apart from the previous 5 and 5s models. We can’t be sure if Apple will indeed include a 4.8 inch screen in their next device though the iPhone 6 release date will be sure to put all rumors to rest.

Many iOS users would kill (figuratively, calm down folks) to have a similar sized screen to that of the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One. With the iPhone 5s panel maxing out at 4 inches, the competition from Android has definitely surpassed iOS in this regard. While many think the phablet form factor may be a little much, increasing the iPhone size could still be done in a way that still lends to portability.

Screen sizes aside, the iPhone 6 release date could bring other interesting features we’ve yet to see in a new iDevice. What features those may be is anybody’s guess, though we could see things like NFC (near-field communication) or some type of floating touch tech to compete with Samsung. We may even see something along the lines of a panel that only wakes up a certain part of the display, a la the Moto X. The price of the new iPhone 6 will more than likely be equal to the current lineup.

The iPhone 5s announcement recently brought about many changes to Apple’s mobile line. The biggest of which being the new fingerprint sensor. With Apple’s TouchID tech, users aren’t required to type in a passcode to unlock their phone. Rather, holding their finger to the device accomplishes the same task while providing a reasonable amount of security. In addition to Apple’s iPhone 5s, the 5c was introduced as well. Carrying the same internals as the 5, the iPhone 5c offers a multitude of colors in a new plastic outer shell.

Source:- idigitaltimes


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