RIB Software releases iTWOcx iPhone and iPad app

A leading provider of 5D end-to-end solutions for construction and project-centric industries, RIB Software AG has released its iTWO Collaboration Exchange, iTWOcx solution as an app for the iPhone and iPad.

The iTWOcx solution employs 5D BIM (Building Information Management) technology to connect the entire value chain of engineering, construction and infrastructure projects, including project conception, planning, budgeting, estimating, contracts and tendering, procurement, cost control, document management and cloud collaboration. With state-of-the-art mobile capability, the 5D end-to-end capabilities of the iTWO technology extend right to the building site.

Paul Hemmings, R&D Director, RIB Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) explains that the development of the iTWOcx app was driven by customer demand for accessing project information and capturing data onsite and in the field. RIB Software recognises that it is increasingly important to have mobile options to support the needs of customers in construction and project-centric industries.

The iTWOcx app gives personnel in construction and project-centric industries access to project information without access to a desktop or the internet. Especially in environments such as mine sites, pipelines, roads and railways, where there are often dead spots or unavailability of internet, it is essential for personnel to be able to access and input data that can be automatically uploaded later without the need to re-enter data directly into the system when they get back to the office.

According to Hemmings, the availability of the iTWOcx mobile app provides the next level of support for site staff as they no longer need to carry out inspections and reports on paper and manually enter that information back into the web application when they are back in the office.

One of the key functionalities of the app is that it is designed to run even when disconnected from the internet. The onboard database then synchronises via wireless or even satellite when internet services becomes available. This is a major benefit for construction sites that may not have suitable wireless or mobile connectivity.

With the iTWOcx app, field workers, tradesmen, safety officers and quality managers can capture data in real time, raise defects and action approvals with documented photo evidence.
The iTWOcx approach provides a single source of all project management information with all information from a range of companies and users integrated within iTWOcx to deliver a complete project management workflow process solution.

With the release of iOS 7 in September 2013 RIB Software was quick to put the iTWOcx app through a test cycle to make sure it worked with the new operating system.

Source:- Ferret.com


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