LINE Messenger for Android and iPhone Updated: Now Offers Video calls, Albums and More

line-messengerJapan based LINE corporation has recently announced an update to a new version of the it cross-platform messaging app, LINE, worldwide. The app has received a major update for iPhone and Android to version 3.9. The update brings a lot of new features including options to make and receive video calls, Albums feature that lets you create and edit photo albums with a friend or in groups and more. The app for iPhone features Snap Movie which lets users take short (up to 10 seconds) video clips and share them with friends, and will be released first on iPhone devices.

25-line-messenger-for-android-and-iphone-updated-now-offers-video-calls-albums-and-moreThe video call function is available on iPhone, Android devices, and PCs (Windows/Mac), enabling free 1-on-1 video calls between supported devices. Video calls will be supported over both Wi-Fi and 3G networks. The users can also switch between video and voice anytime during the call. Whether studying abroad or on a business trip, customers can enjoy face-to-face conversations with their far-away lovers, family, and friends.

Customers can also post videos they take to their Home and Timeline, where they will automatically play on a loop. (The autoplay function may be toggled on and off via the settings. Android devices will only support the function on OS versions 4.0 and above.) There will be 9 different background songs to choose from on release, with plans to roll out more that will fit a wide variety of situations and scenes.

The new iPhone version of the app also adds support for iOS7 and allows users to forward videos received in chats to other groups or friends.

When it comes to video call feature, it is app is also available for Mac, iPhones, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. While Snap Movie feature is expected to be available for Android devices soon.

For iPhone:-  Download here



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