Touch ID: How to add and delete fingerprints [VID]

From the point of fingerprint scanners in iPhones being rumors to Apple actually announcing it, it was seen as something of a gimmick that probably wouldn’t work properly. In fact, I’m sure many regarded it as being the most likely feature to be subject of this year’s controversial failure. Last year it was Maps-gate, in 2010 it was Antennagate. This year would surely be Fingerprintgate? Not so far. Unlocking your phone with a finger-scan is so much quicker and more convenient than any other way.

While adding fingerprints is easy and straightforward in the initial setup process, there is – in fact – a way to add and delete any prints from your phone’s memory at any time. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Settings>General>Passcode and Fingerprint


2. Hit ‘Add a fingerprint…”


3. Lift and rest your desired finger repeatedly until it gets a full scan


4. Adjust the angle of your finger each time until a wider scan is taken


5. Success!!


To Delete:-

Stay on the screen where your fingerprints are listed and hit ‘edit’ in the top right corner. You’ll notice the red circle icons show up to the left of your prints. Select the one you no longer want and hit “Delete”.


All in all, it’s a fairly simple process. It may be a little time consuming, certainly more so than creating a passcode. But, it will cut down the unlock time drastically, especially if you’d normally use a 4 or 5 digit PIN.

Read more at:- Todaysiphone


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