iPhone 5 iOS 7 Beta Update Review

Apple revealed the new iOS 7 recently and it comes with a clean look and new styling. Thanks to the combination of transparency and the new features, iOS 7 will work well. If you are a fan you may wish to check out the iOS 7 beta visual review videos online on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

The first of these videos comes by way of iCrackUriDevice and it provides fans with a look at the many features on iOS 7 beta 1 on the Apple iPhone 4S. The reviewer said that he did not want to put it on his Apple iPhone 5 as he did not want it to go past iOS 6.1.2.

In the first of the videos he talks about features such as the redesign, improvements made to Siri, the interface, which has a 3D look and a great deal more. At the moment only developers are able to get their hands on the OS and from what we have heard it is not easy installing the beta version, of course this could be down to the fact that there are millions trying to install the beta at the same time.

The second video shows DangleKingPC talking about the features of iOS 7 installed on the Apple iPhone 5, however he does seem to dismiss a lot of things by saying that it would take too long to talk about them. His gives a hands-on review of iOS 7 beta 1 and shows off some things that Apple introduced.

A we do not want to spoil things for you we are not going to say too much about the videos. However just yesterday we did talk about some of the new features coming to iOS 7. Parents who have children will love the age range features in the App Store as it will offer them peace of mind that the kids are not installing something they would not want them too.

We did ask whether Air Drop was better than S Bean and we also talked about the Safari tabs along with how the transparent UI seems to add depth.

At the moment iOS 7 is only available to developers, however the release for the public will be coming out in the fall. Check out the notes about the iOS 7 beta release and watch the videos. What are your thoughts about iOS 7 so far?



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