Video shows iPhone 5S “champagne” and iPhone 5C casings compared to iPhone 5 [Video]

AppAdvice has gotten its hands on a video comparing the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5. It features the champagne colored iPhone 5S, blue iPhone 5C, and both the black and white iPhone 5 being compared together at multiple different angles. The best part about this video is that it is great quality instead of the usual blurry, hard to see videos that usually come out. There isn’t a way to tell if they are real, but they look a lot like other rumors that have been coming out. In the video, we again see where it looks like Apple could be moving to a dual LED flash set up for the camera, but other than that and the color it looks almost identical to the iPhone 5. Hopefully we will find out soon whether or not these devices are real, as an event is rumored to be going down on September 10th.

I am not very interested in either the champagne color or the iPhone 5C in general, but definitely think they each serve their purpose in the market; the champagne 5S being for style and the 5C being for the budget users and emerging markets. However I am very interested in seeing if the 5S gets the heavily rumored fingerprint scanner, as having that type of security would be a great addition to the iPhone. Only time will tell what features we will see, however. Check out the video above.