New iPhone apps worth downloading: Weathermob update, Nutrition Quiz, The Drowning

Need better weather info? Today’s first app worth downloading, Weathermob, might just be your answer. The app combines forecast information with crowdsourcing to get you the most useful weather information you can get – reports from real people about what’s going on where they are. We’ve also got Nutrition Quiz, an app that helps you learn more about staying healthy and lets you test your knowledge, and The Drowning, a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter with an interesting tap-based control scheme.

Weathermob update (Free)original

WeathermobWhat’s it about? Weathermob uses crowd-sourcing and social networking to deliver up-to-the-minute weather information for any given area with the help of its users.

What’s cool? Two great ideas come together in Weathermob to help deliver a great forecasting experience for users. First, the app brings in all the usual weather data, like eight-day forecasts and the like, to help users plan ahead for what weather they’re likely to face. Then, it combines that data with the real-time experiences of users, allowing them to report their own local weather conditions using big photos and other data. The result is a rounded-out weather picture that tells you what weather you’ll have to deal with if you’re headed outside today, and whether your outdoor activities will be hampered later in the week. Weathermob’s new update adds enhanced reporting, allowing users to send in bigger photos and even videos, the ability to organize weather feeds into “channels” to get you everything you want to know about a certain area, real-time weather news, and lots of small improvements.

Who’s it for? If you’re a weather nerd who likes sharing information, or are just looking for highly useful and up-to-speed weather data, grab Weathermob.

Nutrition Quiz (Free)

original (1)Nutrition QuizWhat’s it about? Test your knowledge about how healthy your food is, and learn a lot about what you should and shouldn’t eat, with Nutrition Quiz.

What’s cool? Nutrition Quiz is all about crushing nutrition myths. For all the great information that’s out there in the world about food and

staying healthy, there’s plenty of misinformation floating around as well. Nutrition Quiz provides its users with

the right information with a delivery system that catches you when you’re following something that’s wrong – it quizzes you on nutrition with more than 600 questions, and then explains the facts when you select a myth over the truth. You can also just browse through nutrition facts if a test isn’t your to your liking, and you can also see how your knowledge stacks up against others with the app’s various statistics and comparison capabilities. There’s also the ability to share your most interesting facts with friends, and daily reminders that provide tidbits of information.

Who’s it for? If you’re interested in nutrition and like to test yourself, try Nutrition Quiz.

The Drowning (Free)

original (2)The DrowningWhat’s it about? First-person shooter The Drowning drops players into a horrible world file.

What’s cool? The apocalypse has come and gone and some unknown disaster has

Who’s it for? Fans of FPS titles, zombie games and solid graphics and production values should give The Drowning a shot.ional.turned millions of people into zombie-like monsters in The Drowning, and your only hope is to shoot your way through as many as you can. The game tells a story through some pretty solid production values in its voice work and graphics, and challenges players in a way that’s a bit different from other mobile FPS titles. Instead of utilizing virtual control sticks, for example, The Drowning uses a series of taps that let players shoot with greater accuracy and navigate levels with more efficiency. If the tap controls aren’t for you, though, you can always switch back to something more traditd with zombies, and introduces an intuitive tap-based control scheme that adds a novel feel to its gameplay.

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