iPhone 5 Could Work Wonders.

I was a little bit underwhelmed when Apple announced iOS 6. It lacked the ‘wow’ factor that we saw in iOS 5 with the introduction of Siri, Notification center and iMessage. I love iOS, but it really could do with a bigger update than just a new Maps application and Facebook integration, because the operating system is nearing its sixth birthday, and people are getting a bit tired of it.

Fortunately however, help is on hand, and it comes in the form of a great concept for how multitasking could benefit from the iPhone 5?s four inch display. The idea is that instead of seeing just the app icon in the multitasking menu, you’ll see a live feed of the app in a thumbnail, with the icon off the application embedded into it. This would be an awesome improvement to iOS, as it would enable the user to check the status of their open apps at a glance, minimizing the need to switch back and forth from apps constantly.

Another part of the concept is improved music controls when using multitasking. Rather than just displaying the title of the song that is playing, the phone shows all the song information, with the rewind, fast-forward and pause/play buttons that are already included in the multitask menu. Not only that though, album artwork is also shown alongside a volume slider, meaning that you would no longer have to scroll from side to side in the menu to change volume, which can sometimes be very annoying.

The coolest idea is the option to change settings from within the multitasking menu. This will be a familiar feature to anyone who has ever used a jailbroken iDevice running ‘SBSettings’ or any similar tweak. Essentially, it means that you have the option to change certain settings without fiddling about in the Settings application.


I really do hope we see something similar to this in the future, whether it be from Apple or if it’s just a tweak exclusive to jailbreakers. Either way, I want it, because multitasking can be a very temperamental feature, at least for me, so an update to it would be very well received.


2 Responses to iPhone 5 Could Work Wonders.

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