iPhone 5 Or iPhone 4S? Don’t Let The Bigger Number Fool You

The Apple iPhone 5 and the 4S are both great choices when you are looking for an iOS device. While some people will want the latest, the iPhone 5 has good and bad points, as does the iPhone 4S. So which is the better choice?

The Apple iPhone 5 is the latest of course and it has a display that is larger, better hardware and it supports LTE. The similarities are that it has the same software, almost identical looks and camera.

The Apple iPhone 5 has had a slight makeover and it is now prone to being scratched and scuffed easier. In some cases this happens as soon as you take it out the box. Providing that you handle the iPhone 4S with a lot of care then the device may look just as good as it did when you took it from the box years prior. The same definitely cannot be said about the iPhone 5.

The Apple iPhone 5 is sleek looking and the device is classy. It is the lightest of any handset anywhere around globe, but some say that it feels flimsy. People who have left the device in their back pocket and sat down have said that it bends easily too. So while it may look good, holding it in your hand doesn’t feel as good as did the iPhone 4S which had a more premium feeling to it.

The iPhone 5 is stretched out and this is so that the display could be larger. It is just a half inch difference, however the difference is huge. The handset doesn’t come into the same bracket as Android handsets, but the size difference could be reason enough to make the upgrade.

The Apple iPhone 5 has support for LTE and it is packed with superb hardware. However LTE is not available in all regions and so the iPhone 4S may suffice for most. Also while the iPhone 5 has more powerful hardware, loading hardware intensive games like Infinity Blade 2 shows that the 4S can handle “heavy apps” just as well. You might also want to bear in mind that not all apps have been updated to accommodate the larger display of the iPhone 5 just yet.

If you are not in any great rush then you could want to wait and see what the next generation brings i.e. iPhone 5S or 6. If you have an older iPhone or you are moving onto iOS for the first time then the iPhone 4S comes with a bargain price tag and solid hardware despite its age. Bear in mind that it has the same software and almost identical camera as the Apple iPhone 5. It also is more durable, has longer battery life and a more smoother vibration motor than the newer iPhone 5. If you are making the update due to the larger display then you may want to look at one of the Android devices too.



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