iOS 7 new features may include offline voice dictation

If you are an iPhone 4,4S or 5 owner at the moment, there is no doubt that you are getting very excited about Apple’s complete iOS overhaul, which will see a significant update for all consumers this September when iOS 7 is finally available to the general public. Right now, it’s only available to those with an Apple developer account, but we’ve just heard details on one potential new feature that could be coming within the software.

That feature if rumors are to be believed, is none other than offline voice dictation. At the moment, this feature is available on iOS devices, but it requires the use of Apple’s cloud to send data back and forth – which in turn requires an internet connection and in some cases data usage.

With this in mind, it could be a fantastic new feature for iOS 7 users to play around with, especially when thinking about the speed increase that it could bring by being able to perform dictation commands within seconds. It could bring a whole new level of functionality for consumers who like to use dictation for tasks like emailing and text messaging for example.

The information comes from 9to5Mac, who cites the details from Twitter user Hamza Sood. The early iOS7 beta code looks to be responsible again for the juicy find and we wouldn’t be surprised if even more features are uncovered over the Summer as we progress towards Apple’s intended Fall 2013 launch.

Android users will say that they have been enjoying this feature for a long time already, but it definitely could be a major improvement for everyone on iOS. Have you experienced voice dictation yet using Apple’s cloud on iOS 6? If so, let us know your thoughts on potential plans to offer an offline version.

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