iPhone 5S release date fixed for Sept 20: Make or break point for Apple

The Cupertino based tech giant Apple seems to be preparing to introduce its next generation iPhone version as early as next month. A report in Forbes says that the company has actually decided to launch its next generation smartphone on September 20, merely two weeks after the speculated launch of another great handset Galaxy Note 3 of Korean based tech giant Samsung.

Apple is witnessing an erosion of its market share when it comes to smartphone. This is happening in almost all parts of the world, but more worrying is the fact that Samsung is taking traction of its market share even in United States. The fact that Samsung has introduced a far better handset in the market than anything that Apple has to offer, it is inevitable that the once undisputed market leader is fast losing its grip on the market. Samsung is slowly taking over the market one after the other and if Apple actually doesn’t hurry to introduce a much more improved handset in the market it can turn out to be another BlackBerry, formerly Research in Motion.

There are reasons for Apple to bring out its next generation iPhone version at the earliest. Every year, this time, Apple’s iPhone remain the most talked about products as the Cupertino base company prepares to launch new iteration of its handsets in the market. But this year there is even higher level of interest among not just Apple fans, but also Apple haters and the ones who lie in between. Apple lovers are awaiting its arrival as they are looking forward to buying the latest iPhone version and I am sure they will be breaking the last year’s iPhone 5 sales records. There is an absolutely different reason for apple haters for their interest in it as they want to compare the new iPhone version with other top of the line Android handsets and laugh at it.

Now Forbes has come out with concrete details about the launch including the release date of iPhone 5. The latest report in a reputed news source like Forbes says that the new iPhone version will be launched on 20th September. Many others too have been talking of the similar launch schedule of iPhone 5S. Leading analysts from the world of technology have shortlisted September as the month when Apple will launch the new iPhone. It is believed that the iPhone 5S will likely look like the iPhone 5, as a typical iPhone “S” release does. The display is expected to stay at 4-inches, but a new rumor claims the iPhone 5S will feature narrower bezels and a higher resolution display. The higher resolution display is said to double the number of pixels from about 730,000 to 1.5 million. This move would allow Apple to jump to a higher resolution and set the stage for an iPhone 6 with a bigger screen. This same rumor also claims that iPhone 5S will feature an edge-to-edge display something Apple may have been working on but chose not to implement. Several rumors are also suggesting that claim the iPhone 5S will brought in multiple color options for the iPhone, similar to the iPod touch line.

As far specifications of the said handsets are concerned, reports suggest that the next generation iPhone version will include a fingerprint reader to secure the smartphone and possibly enable a mobile digital wallet. It is possible that it might also include NFC as part of a digital wallet that users can secure with their fingerprint. A strong rumor that is related to the camera features of iPhone 5S suggests that Apple is adding a 12MP or 13MP camera to the iPhone 5S, a massive jump up from the 8MP sensor in the iPhone 5. It is also being said that Apple could add a dual-LED flash for a brighter burst of light. Then there are several other rumors about iPhone 5S camera. The new camera in the new iPhone will be better than the existing version. In wake of the recent development where Apple supplier OmniVision announced a new front-facing camera sensor that was smaller than the one found in the iPhone 5 but is capable of shooting 1080P and taking higher resolution photos. It is strong possibility that this new sensor may find its way into the iPhone 5S. to deliver a better FaceTime experience.



One Response to iPhone 5S release date fixed for Sept 20: Make or break point for Apple

  1. Aakriti Ghai says:

    yup it will be mass produced later this month and the availability of the iphone5s is scheduled by late September

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