Best Buy iPhone 5 “price drop” promo amid 5S rumors rolling

Best Buy claims its free iPhone 5 promo — whether it really is free or not — was successful.

Of course, Best Buy will not disclose actual numbers here, but the retailer is claiming that many customers traded their older iPhone 4 and 4S to the brand new iPhone 5 which includes carrier contact.

And to prove that the iPhone 5 price drop promo of Best Buy was successful, the popular electronics retailer will re-launch the program on the 21st and will run until the end of June. Consumers can save up to $199.99 with this offer, but they’re required to sign up a new agreement with Verizon or AT&T, or if they love Sprint, the carrier is also supported.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is rarely discounted, but due to growing competition in the smartphone market, and also in the retailers space, Best Buy’s new promo shows that money is flowing with mobile phone business.

Best Buy’s new program is obviously related to clearing iPhone 5 inventory, apart from selling more carrier contracts ahead of the grand reveal of the iPhone 5S, Apple’s rumored new smartphone that will look similar to iPhone 5, but will offer new features. Apple has nothing to share about the iPhone 5S, but analysts say the phone and PC maker based in Cupertino will reveal the device shortly after the grand rollout of the iOS 7 in September.

Best Buy is also competing with online businesses that also offer unlocked and on-contract mobile phones. I’m not saying consumers are lazy, but it’s much more convenient to purchase a phone online, and with growing online catalog from retailers at Amazon and on eBay, intense competition is nudging prices down.



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