Best iPhone apps 2013 (NEW)

Best iPhone apps 2013 – After I share the best android apps 2013 before her, it is not complete before sharing the best iPhone apps in 2013 in order to be fair. Well here I will cite a variety of sources in order to gather the best apps for iPhone apps in 2013’s. We are much confused to download the iPhone app that is popular today in because so many apps in it. So, here I will collect some apps just for you its for sure.

In free apps category, there are at least 3 weeks before the new application does not even enter the top five list.

– Google Maps is still firmly in the place of honor. Was released last week after the application continues to sit in the first position.

– Facebook Poke that in fact have similar features with SnaChat, immediately came in second place. You want safe and comfortable exchanging media with a friend? Use this app.

– ElfYourself image and video processing applications that are quite unique. You can penabahan creation with photo ornaments and features a fairly entertaining.

– Fun Run this weekend still struggling in 4th position. Air-genre racing game can be played in multiplayer races.

– Pinger EX to enliven the world of instant messaging applications. This app even menklaim free SMS service member and calling up to 1 hour.

Meanwhile in the paid apps category, there are two new applications that is able to deliver a shock. One is FIFA SOCCER 13.

– Angry Birds Star Wars still survive in the first position. This game has had version 1.1.0 with the addition of 20 new levels.

– Need for Speed Most Wanted re-enter the top five. In the latest version 1.0.2 has added 2 new cars to boost your adrenaline faster.

– Zynga is a social gaming king. Words With Friends was back into the top five. A hangman game that can be played with friends.

– Fans of balls required to install FIFA SOCCER 13 on their iPhone. In the latest version 1.0.4 has added 10 thousand new player full license (build and manage a team). Download it here at USD 0.99.

– Love game action? Mandatory tried Bladeslinger. Stunning graphical interface supported by the number of levels and the level of difficulty that does not make you bored.

Well that’s comrade Best iPhone Apps in 2013, what are you waiting? just downloaded, good luck friend.



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