Apple iPhone’s sales jump to 400,000 units in a month

California: A leading global financial services company, has handed a note to the distributors, saying that the sales of iPhone in India, have gone up by 400 percent. A leading daily has reported that the different schemes introduced by Apple in India, one being the EMI plan has had a positive result, the increasing sales.

The note handed by the company has the figures of Apple iPhone sales in India that have been obtained from the online retailers along with the distributors in the country. When compared, the sales in the last month was approximately 70,000-80,000 units, which has crossed 400,000 units in this month.

Currently, the market is being dominated by the giant gadget manufacturer, Samsung. So, to establish itself well in the ongoing cut throat competition, Apple introduced scheme like EMI Plans, Advertisements in the national dailies and buy back offers which helped Apple gain the market share.

iPhone did not sell well in the Indian market, despite of being a status symbol because of its high pricing. However, the sales of the device went up after a number of schemes were introduced in the market. iPhone is not the latest smartphone when compared with other Android devices in the market but still is it bought by those who are looking forward to a luxury symbol.

Sometime back, there were rumors of Apple working on a cheaper iPhone. However, there is no news from the makers. If anytime, this rumor is confirmed by Apple, the sales of the device will soar high.



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