Awesomeness – Google+ iOS Update for iPhone Impresses

Things do change quickly these days. Just days after Google announced many new updates and launches at the I/O event earlier this month, Google has now come up with various updates for its Goolge + updates in the iOS marketplace. The update on the Android version was already made earlier this week.So, what does the new update bring to the table?

Well, there are tons of new features included including Auto Backup, Highlight, Enhance and Awesome other features for photos.

The feature tough that stands out is the photo feature – which will be really useful for all mobile photographers. You can now share your photos online by automatically sharing the best pic available – from the plethora of pictures that you took. Google + does this by employing accurate algorithms to make those photos ‘pop’. It doesn’t matter if you want to add a tinge of color to your photo or better contrast or correct the exposure, Google will do it automatically for you. It only gets better. There are only a few apps that can match Google’s photo features update – if at all. And none comes with the package that Google + provides you with. Unless you are a Photoshop Pro editing images in Desktop, this app will do wonders.

The other interesting feature is the new hash tags, that are automatically assigned to your posts, according to the words used or term recognition.



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