Best Buy iPhone 5 “price drop” promo amid 5S rumors rolling

Best Buy claims its free iPhone 5 promo — whether it really is free or not — was successful.

Of course, Best Buy will not disclose actual numbers here, but the retailer is claiming that many customers traded their older iPhone 4 and 4S to the brand new iPhone 5 which includes carrier contact.

And to prove that the iPhone 5 price drop promo of Best Buy was successful, the popular electronics retailer will re-launch the program on the 21st and will run until the end of June. Consumers can save up to $199.99 with this offer, but they’re required to sign up a new agreement with Verizon or AT&T, or if they love Sprint, the carrier is also supported.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is rarely discounted, but due to growing competition in the smartphone market, and also in the retailers space, Best Buy’s new promo shows that money is flowing with mobile phone business.

Best Buy’s new program is obviously related to clearing iPhone 5 inventory, apart from selling more carrier contracts ahead of the grand reveal of the iPhone 5S, Apple’s rumored new smartphone that will look similar to iPhone 5, but will offer new features. Apple has nothing to share about the iPhone 5S, but analysts say the phone and PC maker based in Cupertino will reveal the device shortly after the grand rollout of the iOS 7 in September.

Best Buy is also competing with online businesses that also offer unlocked and on-contract mobile phones. I’m not saying consumers are lazy, but it’s much more convenient to purchase a phone online, and with growing online catalog from retailers at Amazon and on eBay, intense competition is nudging prices down.



Factors of iPhone App Development

As iOS 7 has already been announced and the beta version has been released, iPhone app developers have already started working on it. Once again, the interface needs to be studied, designing needs to be redefined and of course, the tools need some updates. With every new version of iOS, Apple provides app developers with a new SDK that allows developers to unleash their genius mind. Till now, iOS 7 looks amazingly great and with phrases of praises coming from experts; it is absolutely ready to jolt Apple fans.

But, the arena that is going to have the greatest impact of this new operating system is the iPhone. With every new generation of Apple OS, iPhone application development breathes a new life as developers are provided more ways to add life to it via applications. However, the impact and change largely depends on what has been changed. This time Apple has undoubtedly worked hard on its interface; hence, that would be the main arena where developers will have to pay heed. But, that is not the only factor to be taken care of.

The other factors of iPhone app development that needs attention by developers and app investors alike are described below.


This is the one aspect that will demand utmost attention from developers’ side. Revamping the entire user interface has increased interests of iOS devices’ users, and in order to maintain the same amount of interest, developers will have to take care of the interface. While developing apps, they need to ensure that application is able to make optimum utilization of the new interface and is able to entice users with its design, functions and controls.

Navigation Apps

With Apple soon to introduce iOS in the car, iPhone developers have a good chance of reaping good revenues via navigational apps.

There is still some time before one can actually predict the usefulness of Apple’s Siri integration in selected car models. But, if everything turns out to be right, then this is certainly going to present a huge scope for developers too. Therefore, iPhone developers should better start developing beta versions to know their chances.


This category has always remained the king throughout evolution of both iOS and iPhone. So ignoring this category would be sending away opportunities. Now that the user interface of iOS has become bigger and better, this category is certainly going to see a huge demand. Hence, app developers have better started brainstorming on some amazingly intriguing games. If their games can strike a chord, then it will certainly strike gold for the developers and investors too.

There’s a lot to wait for until and unless the full and final version is finally released in the market. The final version may consist of more changes. Therefore, developers should be proactive in carrying out experiments with the beta version. As far as its impact is concerned, then it is for sure that iOS has thrived on applications and hence, the demand for apps is certainly going to shoot up. So, the iPhone developers have better braced themselves. As for the investors, they always have a choice to hire app developer for iPhone apps development.


Mailbox for iPhone and iPad updated with landscape, Gmail “Send As” Alias support

Well it looks like the Mailbox team members are reading the news and discovered that majority of iPad users prefer using their device on landscape than on portrait. With that as our backdrop, Dropbox’s Mailbox app for iOS has been updated to support landscape e-mail reading.

The Gmail-only third-party e-mail app service also added support for Google Mail’s “send as alias” support, in addition to various bug fixes and software enhancements. You can download the new app update by visiting the pre-installed Apple App Store and head over to the “Updates” tab.

Mailbox, with the “zero inbox goal,” is arguably one of the popular e-mail apps on iOS today. During its first come first served launch in Q1, more than 800,000 people signed up.

Cloud storage service acquired Mailbox last March and reports suggested that the acquisition was worth around $100 million.


Facebook bug releases contact info of 6M users; shows how dangerous the Internet really is

A Facebook bug that exposed the contact info of over 6 million users was discovered this week after the bug had reportedly been in existence for over a year. Facebook spoke on the existence of the bug and apologized to the general public for the leak of any personal information.

The bug is linked to the friend discovery process in Facebook that allows users to upload their contacts and address books to locate their friends who are also using the social network. However, the bug linked the information of the user who uploaded their contact info and the information of the friend who was invited to join Facebook, and made it available via the Download Your Information tool. This raises concerns that one of the largest social networks in the world is not secure enough to process and store all of the information users put in each day. Most of this is personal information such as phone numbers, dates, and addresses as well as photos, status updates, and locations via Facebook’s Check-In feature.

We are living in a time when any information that is put online is readily available to anyone who has access to a search engine and anyone who is willing to shell out a few bucks for some of your basic personal information, including your address, age and phone number. Over the last several weeks, there has been a national debate over the NSA—to help in the fight against terrorism—gaining access to phone calls and emails of numerous Verizon customers in the U.S.. Most of this information was provided by telecommunications companies that are protected from prosecution by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) which was enacted in 1978. It really feels like everyone is out to get you, doesn’t it? In fact, these types of information releases, such as with the Facebook bug and the data that is being collected by the NSA, really shows how dangerous the Internet can be.

Something you emailed or messaged on the web six months ago could potentially be stored in a government server or, worse, mistakenly released by Facebook. We are living in a hypersensitive world, and this is proven everyday when more news about the NSA comes out, when the AP Twitter account is hacked to say the White House was attacked, or when another teenager gets arrested because a video of a fight he was involved in gets posted on YouTube. It seems everything we do is recorded in some way, whether that be something we chose to post on FourSquare, Instagram and Facebook, or something that was leaked by a bug on one of these sites.

The Facebook bug, coupled with the already existing privacy concerns with the iPhone, makes me question the security of my information. I suppose the best way to protect against information leaks is to not put it up in the first place, but as scary as the Internet can be, we still need it everyday to live our lives. Without the internet, a line of communication between employers, family, and friends can easily be cut off. There just has to be a safer way of navigating the Internet, because it is unregulated, for the most part. As a result, there are so many different information traps and surveillance tactics in place to catch unsuspecting users.

The concern over the regulation of the Internet and the security of information has always existed, but it has been brought to light by Facebook’s release of contact information. Though Facebook’s apology will win back many Americans, there is no doubt it is still a social network that is operating within the vast cloud we call the Internet. This alone, shows how scary it can be when our personal information is posted on networking sites, or is being sent via email.


Best Buy offering iPhone 5 for “free” through iPhone trade-in program

Best Buy is once again launching their iPhone 4 and 4S trade-in program, allowing users to exchange their older devices for a brand new iPhone 5. The original promotion ran for only one day, and Best Buy mentioned that it was a great success. As a result, the company will this time offer the program for ten days instead of just one.

The new iPhone trade-in program began Friday, June 21st and will be running for nine consecutive days. Customers who trade in an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 in working condition will receive up to $150 towards a new iPhone 5. If trade-in iPhone is valued at more than $150, customers will recieve the extra amount on a Best Buy gift card, which can be used towards anything else in the store. One thing customers cannot do is put any amount over $150 towards an iPhone with a higher capacity than 16GB.

Currently, Best Buy sells a 16GB iPhone 5 for $149.99, which means customers are essentially getting an iPhone for “free.” Of course, it technically isn’t free because customers had to invest money in the iPhone 4 or 4S they’re trading in. Even so, it will allow them to upgrade to the latest iPhone at no extra cost. Customers will receive a $50 instant rebate they will be able to use until the last day of the trade-in program on June 29. All iPhones that are traded in and applied towards an iPhone 5 are subject to a 2 year contract with Verizon, AT&T or Sprint.

The trade-in program is available from June 21st to June 29th for all iPhone 4 and 4S users.


Multi-coloured iPhone Mini to Launch in September?

Apple’s iPhone will soon be launched and we can already sense the electric tension in the air. iPhone launch is perhaps the most important phone launch of the year creating a frenzy like none other. Not even the now Number One Samsung Galaxy S4 can catch up to the craze. And looks like Apple will create the madness not once but twice this year.

Rumours surrounding the iPhone Mini have been rife and the latest rumour suggests that the phone will come in colours. Nothing new about that as previous rumours have also suggested the same but this rumour suggests that Apple will not launch the iPhone Mini in colours of the iPod or random shades but the phone will be launched in Apple iPhone 4 bumper colours.

The news, leaked by a Japanese blog sure adds some excitement to the pending iPhone launch. However, it also makes us wonder why Apple chose to go the iPhone 4 way for colours. Apart from the fact that the device is 2 years old, Apple has released colour variants for their current iPod Touch range. Often touted to be the “iPhone without the Phone”, it feels awkward that Apple decided to skip over the iPod Touch colour variants and instead pick colours from Apple bumpers over 2 years old.

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However, Apple’s decision also hints at the device confirming to an older, smaller design. iPhone 4 was relatively smaller and the iPhone Mini might come with similar specifications.

Earlier leaks have hinted at the iPhone Mini and iPhone 5S coming in colours like Gold, Silver and Gray other than the traditional White and Black shades. However, now, the iPhone Mini will be available in black, white, pink, orange, and blue.

While rumours of the coloured iPhone have been doing rounds since long, we have no idea whether the phone is even a reality. It might be wise to take the news with a pinch of salt for now. If the news is true, there would be no-one happier than the common-man, for sure!


iOS 7 Device Compatibility Guide

While Apple says iOS 7 will be available to most new devices, all features won’t be available to everyone; here’s our guide to what you’ll get when iOS 7 is finally released in the autumn.

Firstly, iOS 7 can be installed on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, as well as the iPad 2, iPad 3 with Retina display, iPad 4 with Retina display and the iPad mini. Finally, iOS 7 will also work on the fifth-generation iPod touch. All other devices will have to stick with iOS 6.

With all of these compatible devices the user will get new icons and Jony Ive’s controversial ‘flat’ design, along with the new Notification and Control centres, the fancy new animations, and updated folder actions, but some new features are limited to specific models.