Double Retina: iPhone 5S reported to pack twice the pixels

Apple’s display technology is expected to leapfrog the competition once again as a new report claims the iPhone 5S will pack 1.5 million pixels.

While the “S” version is traditionally seen as a minor update, the iPhone 5S is going to need to be a substantial update this September. With phones like the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 scooping up new users left and right, Apple needs something more than a faster processor and a better camera to keep smartphone buyers from wondering just how green the grass really is in Android land. While there’s been rumors of a UI refresh set to do away with iOS’ skeuomorphism, a new report has surfaced claiming an all new display coming to the iPhone 5S with a specific focus on doubling the pixel count from 730,000 to 1.5 million.

As 1080p screens in phones become increasingly popular, the myth that the Retina display is the perfect number of pixels (because your eyes can’t recognize any more) has been busted. Simply using an HTC One next to an iPhone 5 or a Nexus 10 next to an iPad will show you that our eyes can handle a couple more pixels here and there. The display has a lot to do with the overall experience of your phone, and Apple’s looking to jump back to the front of the pack with this new 4-inch display.

Typically an “S” release phone uses the same case as the previous generation, but there have been reports that the bezel surrounding the new iPhone will be diminished slightly in order to more closely resemble the design found with the iPad Mini. If true, this phone may find itself names something other than the iPhone 5S, but there’s been no rumors stating that would be the case.

In smartphone years, the wait for September is a long one. HTC and Samsung are going to gain a lot of positive attention for themselves over the summer, and Apple will really need to come out of the gate swinging this fall with a new iPhone that is ready to blow everyone away.



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