Apple (AAPL) Budget iPhone to be released in Different Colors

There had been mixed reactions from loyal users of Apple’s iPhone about the rumored released of a much cheaper version of Iphone. Some say this move could ruin Apple’s trademark of quality. Some say this move will make the company widen its mass market. While this is good for Apple’s market revenue, users were displeased as they love apple for being not mass produced.

But, good news awaits the thrifty mobile shoppers as they can finally get hold of an iPhone within their budgets plus they will be given multiple colored mobiles to choose from.

The rumored budget iPhone will be affordable, hip and cool.

A Blogger from Macotakara Japanese site revealed that unnamed sources confirmed that the budget iPhone, indeed, will be released in different colors.

The Japanese blogger said, “I have 2 informations about color variation of cheaper iPhone from several sources. The first is Navy, Gold Orange, White and Gray, and 2nd is White Pink, green, Blue and Yellow-orange. I can say one thing from these information, namely both sets do not contain Black model.”

The blogger’s unnamed sources also told him that 1,000 budget iPhones will be release in June for field testing. Come July to September, these units will be shipped to different outlets.

As for the iPhone 5S, this model will be the flag-ship model as soon as the budget iPhone hits the market. The iPhone 5S will have dual-led flash. The led flash will be shaped like a mic-hole and was placed just between iSight camera and flash. The iPhone 5S will also have new additional colors – green and gold.

The Japanese blogger also mentioned that as for the iPad 5th generation, “the back microphone hole, which was removed from iPod mini product, however, was placed on prototype, will be added on this new iPod. And he told ipAd 5th may support standard SIM nor than only supported data-SIM. Unfortunately, new ipAd will be shipped after iPhone 5S.”

Meanwhile, it looks like, mobile analysts is also seeing the possibility of Apple releasing the budget iPhone by September. Analysts saw that Apple was motivated by its past experiences of creating cheaper version of gadgets and getting surge in the market revenue as in the case of iPad Mini and iPod Nano.

Plus, with this strategy, Apple was able to tap all possible billion-dollars worth of market including users in the developing world.

Asymco’s Horace Dediu said that “there’s no reason why Apple can’t embark on this route come September. The key challenge will be whether it can retain its mystique of exclusiveness at a cheaper price pont. Given the size of the prospective market and what we have seen with the iPad, Apple may be willing to sacrifice some margin to ensure that it can target a new market segment and hope that’s unique design aesthetics can draw enough big crowd.”

He said that “the low-end phone could be a wristwatch. But we’ll have to wait and see what Aplle’s process of innovation delivers in September, until then brace yourself for a flurry of speculation.”



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