3 Killer Feature Upgrades to Expect from iPhone 6, iPhone 5S on Release Date

Apple is rumoured to showcase fresh and powerful features in time for the September release date of its upcoming flagship, the iPhone 5S, with the muscles to further enhance once the phablet-size iPhone 6 rolls out on June 2014.

Most of the iPhone improvements will come thanks to the iOS 7 step up, which Apple is scheduled to unveil via the WWDC on June. However, hardware bump ups are also slated to be packed with the tech titan’s 2013-2014 gadget line up.

And to follow below are the major upgrades that experts would want to get from Apple, which they said would allow the company to preserve its image as the tech industry’s prime innovator in mobile device products.

A Reinvigorated iOS PDA in Siri

Many experts are convinced that Siri, on her current form, is now a laggard compared to Google Now. According to Gotta Be Mobile, Siri cannot match the search predictive prowess of her Android counterpart, the latter’s edge is due mainly to Google’s powerful search engine.

With the advent of iOS 7, Apple is likely to pump up Siri’s intelligence and deliver on users’ needs by offering services that are based on data that pertain to habits. It is highly possible that as iOS 7 revamps the general look and feel of the iPhone environment, Siri will be given a make over that will allow her to intimately connect with iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S owners.

FaceTime with multi-platform compatibility

FaceTime is one of the most popular iOS features but many gadget users are prevented from experiencing its capabilities because it is, until now, an Apple device exclusive. Video chat the Apple way has a chance of making it to other devices, that is if Apple makes good on its earlier promise that FaceTime will eventually become a global standard.

The tech giant’s chance to fulfil that pledge will likely take place with the arrival of the iOS 7. In fact, Apple is hard-pressed to offer FaceTime outside of its sphere in light of the recent unleashing of Google’s Hangouts, which replaced Google Talk.

The new app facilitates chat and video meet not within Android but also within iOS or between a Galaxy S4 user and an iPhone 5 owner, for example. It is prudent on Apple’s part to extend the reach of FaceTime, GBM said, if only to arrest the rising clout of Google’s social media apps.

Light, slim iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S with superior screen display

Recently, Apple’s curved battery technology patent pointed to the possibility of building iOS devices with incredibly thin profile thanks to the new gadget manufacturing technique that the invention will deliver.

Now, Apple gadgets with small footprint and sexy look just became a looming reality with the introduction of Corning’s Lotus XT Glass. The new technology is reportedly focused in allowing the production of mobile devices that are both compact and energy efficient.

It is believed that Corning is also working to give Lotus XT the same glass durability that Apple had previously relied on via the Gorilla Glass series.



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