Temple Run 2 Update: New Terrain, Obstacles and Tasks

The Latest update to Temple Run 2 adds more content making players to navigate a tougher terrain with chances of earning more coins. Developer of the endless running video game, Imangi Studios has launched a major update on 17 May 2013.

Temple Run 2 adds new shifty landscape called The Narrows. Players have to navigate through wooden planks and if the player tilts the device their character is most likely to fall off the small runway and die. This update also brings spinning blades, bottomless pits and paths that might collapse suddenly making players die quicker than before, Gamasutra reported.

This hit iPhone and Android game makes gameplay more challenging as players have to keep their eye open for sudden turns and jumps. But the update also allows them to earn free coins and gems under Free Stuff in the menu. The update has also fixed skip button crash and bugs.

Temple Run was started in 2011 initially for iPhone and only later to Android and recently it was released on Windows Phone 8 too. The game runs on Temple Run engine in iOS and Unity engine in Android. Imagini Studios developed a new sequel to the game can called it Temple Run 2 and it was released in January 2013. Both the game have crossed an excess of 300mn downloads till date, said the press release from the company.

Players in the game take the role of a running explorer who steals an idol from a temple and is being chased by monkey-like creatures. Players have to navigate the terrain and garner as many points as possible. Some of the controllable characters include Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones and Karma Lee. The setting of the game is said to be inspired from largest Buddhist temple in Cambodia, Angkor Wat.

Imangi Studios have no plans of bringing out a sequel for Temple Run 2. Temple Run 2 too like its predecessor fared well with the critics and reviewers.



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